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About Us

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We were originally only a professional ribbon manufacturer in the domestic market. As the company grew, we entered the international market in 2006. And ours are recognized by the market according to the high quality and good reputation.

After 10 years of development in the garment accessories and gift packaging industry, we focus on the basis of satin ribbon and grosgrain ribbon together with organza ribbon increasing market products. Based on the good cooperation with customers, we are commissioned by the guests do some domestic procurement, such as lace.


In order to supply better service for guests,we set up the BSD CO., Ltd. on the basis of Weifang Yimeijia 

Ribbon Co.,Ltd

What is worth mentioning is that we began to design some of the retail packaging products for sale in retail stores few years ago. We are cheerful to see that the products are very popular among consumers. Continuous back orders and continued growth in sales illustrates this point.

We hopefully look forward to building a working relationship going forward.